Random Tidbits

Life in D.C. is hopping. I have been busy most evenings and most of my weekends so far. I have met far too many new people, been asked for my non-existent business card a few too many times, and spent an obscene amount of money on Metro fare. Here are a few random tidbits from my first month around the city.

Nats game

The picture above was from one of my favorite events of the summer so far: the Annual Congressional Baseball Game at the Nats’ field. The baseball teams were made up of congressmen who wore their local teams’ jerseys. It became quickly apparent that the Republicans were lacking in the defensive side of things… The Democrats scored 5 runs in the first inning. The first few innings I was shocked by how good the Democrats were. They fielded very neatly and consistently hit. I was sitting on the third base line and got to watch Tim Bishop (who is 63 years old) snap up hit after hit and throw perfectly down to first base. When it was his turn to bat, he always managed to get on base and send someone home. Needless to say, I was impressed. My own Senator, Jeff Flake, was the third baseman for the Republicans. He was struggling… and I have to say I was enjoying it. The other cool thing that happened was that about halfway through the game, we realized that the woman who was sitting 2 rows directly in front of us, and who had spoken to Aseem very casually, was actually a congresswoman! Only in D.C. would something like that happen! The final score of the night was a tad embarrassing for everyone involved: 22-0.

Last week I attended an event at the Bipartisan Policy Center with Senator Olympia Snowe. It was a conference room full of interns, so no one was over the age of 25, and basically she was there to answer anyone’s questions. I thought it was an amazing opportunity to hear the honest opinion of a recently-retired senator. She spoke about the dysfunction of the current congress and the need to compromise. I liked her a lot! I think what she and the Bipartisan Policy Center are doing sounds right up my alley. I hope they can successfully draw some attention to the problems, and find a solution.


I was really happy to be in a big city for Pride. This was the most impressive and the longest parade I have ever seen. The crowds were huge and so supportive. I was very hopeful about the future of equal rights after this parade. I definitely got swept up by the emotions on display.


It’s honestly just really amazing to be here in D.C. and to have plenty of time to spend exploring all of the sights. I love that I live right next to the National Mall and go jogging there whenever I want. That can be a bit complicated though, dodging all of the tourists! The monuments at night are so beautiful! I am happy to be here.


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